Learn what to grow together for easy gardens!

What if You Could...

  • Grow tons of fruits & vegetables with very little time and energy?
  • Avoid pests and diseases (without using chemicals)?
  • Easily find the best plants for your garden?
  • Design perfect plant guilds that thrive in your garden?

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I'm In!

I'll show you how to create plant guilds that thrive in your area and produce lots of food for your family!

Hi, I'm Mindy!

I started my first garden and got my first flock of chickens over a decade ago, and I'm grateful every day that I took the leap!

I knew that the world of 9 to 5 jobs, sending my kids off to daycare, and living for the weekends wasn't for me. But I wasn't sure yet if it was possible to live any other way.

Now I am a Certified Permaculture Designer and have spent the last decade learning (and teaching) homesteading skills in a variety of places (on acreage, in the suburbs, and in an apartment!).

If you want to learn how to raise and grow your own food and medicine in a way that is healthy for people and planet -- you're in the right place!

What You Get...


Learn the basics of putting together your own plant guilds based on your needs and your space.

These lessons focus on foundational steps and using plant guilds in the vegetable garden.


These lessons take your foundational knowledge of plant guilds and help you create a food forest design perfect for your property!

$97 Value!!

Don't Miss the Bonuses!!

Bonus #1: Permaculture Plant Database

This database is an easy to nativigate spreadsheet containing 100 common and unique plants to include in your plant guilds.

Use this database to choose the perfect plants for your guild!

The spreadsheet includes detailed info so you know exactly which plants to try out and how to include them in your guild.

$47 Value!!

Bonus #2: Beautiful Permaculture Designs Planner

It's easy to plan your garden when you have these pages to keep you on track.

Use the plant guild design pages, graph paper, dot paper, plant lists, and observation pages to plan and design the perfect garden.

Record your observations about each plant. Use the 'Static Plant Pages' to carry your observations from year to year!

Includes monthly calendar, weekly to-do list, and yearly implementation plan pages.

$47 Value!!

The Perfect Plant Guilds Framework will help you...

  • Figure out exactly which plants to include in your design.
  • Plan guilds that will improve your garden's health and abundance.
  • Easily design plant guilds that work for you and your space.
  • Reduce pests, weeding, watering, and other nuisance chores!


Perfect Plant Guild Framework

  • Plant Guilds & Food Forest Lessons ($97 Value)
  • Permaculture Plant Database ($47 Value)
  • Beautiful Permaculure Designs Planner ($47 Value)

For Just $97

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